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Become A Distributor

We are proud to belong to this company since its foundation, Dr. Alonso founder and CEO of the company trusted us to distribute the product from the beginning of her journey in her dreams to establish a company where she could help people become self employed, now as a logistic center we are proud to follow her footsteps in helping others succeed,
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Discount Price

ELV Company provides a variety of packages to chose from, low budget? Don't worry, you can start your own business with a minimum amount that won't hurt your pockets.

Promotion Specials

We have ELV Company available in different languages, including support in Spanish and English.

Free Shipping

As a Logistic Center is up to us to either charge our distributors for shipping or not, so we have decided NOT to charge our distributors for any shipping cost to help them on these hard days.

Same Day Shipping

As a Logistic center we understand that to keep a business running, you need to have stock available at all times, as our distributor we will shipped your merchandise the same day you pay for them so you never run out of stock.

Method Of Payments

Since we try to help our distributors with shipping cost, our method of payment that we prefer is Zelle, also we accept paypal or credit card payments.
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Be your own boss
Elv Alipotec does not force you to buy big quantities of product, with a small investment you can work from home.

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