Frequently Asked Questions


It consist of 90 microdoses of tejocote root. Original product must be a 3 months supply bottle.

12 years and older can take the product.

Since Alipotec Root is a 100% natural dietary supplements everyone can take it, we have excellent results with people with hypothyroidism, people with cancer, hypertensive people. This product is excellent, if you feel any symptoms, please call us and we will provide you with advice

The effectiveness of the product is such that we lose our stored body fat and therefore lose potassium and that makes us feel different symptoms like headaches, nausea, weakness, sleepiness, fatigue and/or cramps. to prevent these symptoms remember to replace your potassium.

Every metabolism and every body are different, so the results may vary from person to person. for the first to the second months you’ll see a reduction in waist size not so much in weight-loss , after the second month you will start seeing the weight reduction, this is a slow and effective process

First you’ll notice loss of sizes, because you are burning fat. Remember, it is better to lose sizes than pounds. When you lose sizes it means you eliminate fat, and fat is harder to lose, however when we lose pounds quickly, it could means that you are losing water and it is easier to regain that weight back. Better to go down in sizes because the effect lasts longer. Note: Beware of counterfeit products, your health is important to us avoid buying from an unauthorized distributor.

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